Acting and empathy

Yesterday I went to two plays: a Greek tragedy, and a musical adaptation of Cabaret. The first play recounts the Greek myth of Orpheous and Eurydices. The later was set in the decline of the Weimmar Republic. I was struck by how eloquent and charming, and handsome Orpheous was. The play featured screen projections that depicted the surreal transitions to and from the underworld.

The second play was my first time watching a cabaret. Cliff, the protagonist, is a writer from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, who has traveled to London and Paris on a journey to write a book. Cliff finds himself moving to Berlin in the hopes of finding fresh material.

In acting, it is your role to empathize with your character, put yourself in their shoes, and grow within it. But before you can grow in the character, you must experiment and know yourself: how do you come across, know how your audience perceives you, and in a constant feedback of how you act and how the world reacts to your acting.


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