October 30, 2022

I am writing from a nice coffee shop between 11th Street and Pine. I biked my way here this morning and already discovered so many things nearby: a cute queer bookshop, the Louis I. Kahn Park, and an appealing fancy barber shop that I want to give it a try.

I am trying to nurture a personality of exploration, discovery, and insight. I was riding my bike on my way to the coffee shop and was taken aghast by the beautiful brickwork and the shadows cast on the front marble stoops and the brickwork in the sidewalk by the Fall trees in the Gayborhood. It was a reminder that you get out of life what you put into it.

Yesterday I went to the Weitzman Happy Hour and made small talk with a second-year student in the City Planning department. It was Halloween weekend, so our conversation naturally gravitated towards spooky themes. I learned that in Chinese culture, the soul is believed to stick around mortals for 7 days after death.

On my second time to Tavern on Camac. The first had been with a date, but this time around I went on my own. I found myself enjoying a gin & tonic around the piano in the presence of a musician who expressed great confidence. I was dressing in a preppy-style ­–less rough with leather & boots attire that I think is required to go to places like The Bike Stop. I then went back home and chilled with a movie and popcorn.


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