Choosing friends

I am writing from a nice coffee shop in Center Philadelphia between 11th Street and Pine. I discovered a cute queer bookshop nearby and want to go there to get a copy of The Leatherman’s Handbook II.

I was riding my bike on my way to the coffee shop and was taken aghast by the beautiful brickwork and the shadows cast on the front marble stoops and the brickwork in the sidewalk by the Fall trees in the Gayborhood. It was a reminder that life can be as rich as one is willing to pay attention. You get out of life by how much you put into it.

In that input of effort, one must also choose their friends and close acquaintances. I am making an effort to remove myself from people who vent, gossip, and are lazy. Being on the receiving end of those relationships and interactions are much like inhaling the second-hand smoke. It is poison.

An obstacle to become a daring leader is, besides being an egocentric lone wolf , being surrounded by the wrong wolves. 


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