Louis Bloom Studios


The Louis Bloom Studios was based in Philadelphia, New York, and Atlantic City. They called their products “American Art Marble” and “Art Travertine”

Things I learned from 

  • Plaster of Paris is porous and becomes brittle in the presence of moisture. I am curious to know how Keene’s cement performs vis a vis Plaster of Paris
  • Scagliola stone can be done with Plaster of Paris, Victoria Keene’s Cement, Portland Cement, and King’s Windsor Cement.
  • Victoria Keene’s cement hardens with more time. Wondering the rate of hardening/curing?
  • Rats and vermin like Plaster of Paris?


What was the secret preparation that the Louis Bloom Studios used for waterproofing their marble?

Is scagliola tied to Plaster of Paris, as this document suggests?

What is doweling?


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